Over the last few days Lara Kramer and Émilie Monnet’s This Time Will be Different opened at the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) in Montreal. The FTA is the largest festival of creation in North America and focuses on contemporary dance and theatre, probing those disciplines to their limits.

Denouncing the status quo towards Canadian aboriginal peoples, This Time Will be Different is an installation-performance that creates a decolonized place where all the generations gathered take back possession of their stories.


Spirale By Marie-Paule Grimaldi

“It is difficult to imagine a more political work than the one that offers us a dialogue with the news in real time. This Time Will Be Different creates a common space of inter-generational and essentially feminine empowerment.” Read more…

Mon(Theater) By Sara Thibault

“This Time Will Be Different is one of the highlights of the FTA 2019. In addition to being a great beauty, the installation-performance makes it possible to raise awareness of Quebec’s population to the realities of Indigenous people in Canada.” Read more…

This Time Will Be Different will run from 13 to 18 August at Summerhall, Edinburgh as part of #ICSScotland. To book tickets click here.