Flag of Kanata over Edinburgh
Flag of Kanata over Edinburgh. Flag design by Greg Hill

Today is officially first day of the Edinburgh festival! Indigenous Contemporary Scene’s Artistic Director Émilie Monnet recently spoke to #ICSScotland media partners The Skinny about the inaugural #ICSScotland programme.

“Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS) is a nomadic platform for the presentation of live arts, fostering dialogue and creative exchange between artists and communities. Founded by Onishka in 2016, ICS amplifies the voices of Indigenous artists internationally. This year we’re super excited to be partnering up with O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective to present ICS Scotland, a month long program of performances, installation and creative conversations featuring Indigenous artists from across Kanata. By joining forces as Indigenous producers, we’re hoping to provide a robust international context for the presentation of the artists’ works, and explore the intersection of their voices within the context of the Edinburgh festivals.”

Read Émilie’s full interview on the Skinny’s ICS Minisite.