Indigenous Contemporary Scene

Artistic Director & Co-producer: Émilie Monnet  
Co-producer & Curator for the Creators Exchange on the Land: Patti Shaughnessy
Managing Producer: Sage Wright
Touring Coordinator Mentee: Ivanie Aubin-Malo
Supporting Producers: SelfConscious Productions, Jean Cameron (Scotland)
Graphic Designer: Sébastien Aubin
Marketing Director:  Derek Gilchrist
Press Relations: The Corner Shop 

Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS) is a nomadic platform for the presentation of live arts, fostering dialogue and creative exchange between artists and communities. Founded by Onishka, ICS amplifies the voices of Indigenous artists internationally.

This year, Onishka Productions partners up with O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective to present ICS Scotland, a month long program of performing arts and creative conversations featuring Indigenous artists from across Kanata. Our vision is to provide a robust international context for the presentation of the artists’ works, and explore the intersection of their voices within the context of the Edinburgh festivals. 

ICS Scotland will debut with the Creators Exchange on the Land in July 2019. Taking place on the Isle of Arran, the Exchange will bring together a group of Indigenous artists from Kanata and Scotland, to engage in creative dialogue while acknowledging custodians of the land  we’re visiting.

Onishka Productions

Artistic Director: Émilie Monnet

Onishka Productions is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary arts organisation that creates bridges between indigenous peoples worldwide while honoring their diversity, richness and resilience. Founded by Emilie Monnet, Onishka Productions creates and presents performance-based productions and collaborations. ONISHKA means ‘wake up!’ in Anishnabemowin. In this spirit, we believe that indigenous cosmologies provide pathways towards sustainable communities. Through artistic expression, we can challenge and transform the world we live in.

O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective

The O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective (also referred to as OKW) is a multidisciplinary arts collective dedicated to nurturing Indigenous artists and arts practices. OKW was formed in 2004 by Sarah Decarlo, Sara Roque and Patti Shaughnessy. The collective was named by teacher, mentor, and Anishnaabe language speaker Taaji Cameron. O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk translates to “weaving sweetgrass in toward the heart of the braid.” Sweetgrass grows in abundance in the Kawartha territories and has been used as medicine in our communities for generations. OKW believes that expression through the arts is also great medicine. Through many partnerships and relationships, we weave together artists, communities, audiences and organizations, in celebration of the diversity and vibrancy that exists within arts practices and communities.