Before Canada, there was Kanata.  The Haudenosaunee word for village, Kanata became Canada through the colonial process of dispossession of Indigenous lands, identity and language. 

Conceived by Greg A. Hill, KanataClub raises awareness of the Indigenous origins of the lands now known as Canada. Come and spend some time at KanataClub.  A space that turns the tables on colonial history and entangles nationalisms, inserting a place for an Indigenous present and future.

Occupying the outdoor space accessed by passing through CanadaHub, KanataClub inserts a place for the Indigenous present, and future. In KanataClub, you will be embraced by all things Kanata. Know you are welcome and maybe also enjoy a refreshment and a shot of Karontakonhnéha (maple syrup).

KanataClub is an outgrowth of Greg A. Hill’s ongoing Kanata Project, find out more here.

Image: Flag of Kanata over Edinburgh, 2019



5 - 25 August

Admission Free