Curator: Patti Shaughnessy
Original vision: Émilie Monnet
Managing Producer: Sage Wright
Participants: Keith Robertson (host), Donald S Murray, Bryony McIntyre, Barry Esson, Émilie Monnet, Patti Shaughnessy, Sara Roque, Elwood Jimmy, Leslie Kachena McCue.

Taking place on the Isle of Arran from July 23-28, the Creators Exchange will gather a group of Indigenous and Scottish artists at the Drimlabarra Herb Farm in Kildonan.

During five days, creators will engage in creative dialogue to establish points of connection and understanding and to acknowledge the past and present custodians of the land we are visiting.

Supported by the British Council and O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective through the Ontario Arts Council 


23-28 July