Witness the performative ritual that is This Time Will Be Different, a performance-based installation that denounces the Canadian government’s discourse on Indigenous people and serves as a rebuttal of the industry built around reconciliation.

From one inquiry to the next, from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has anything really changed in the relationship between the Government of Canada and Indigenous Peoples? Elders, parents, children, three generations on stage support one another as they explore this questions together.

This eloquent installation/performance piece is the creation of interdisciplinary artists Émilie Monnet and performer/choreographer Lara Kramer. Monnet’s work explores the interconnections between identity, memory and language whilst Kramer employs a raw, theatrical vocabulary and powerful imagery to create works of power and sensitivity.

Running time: 50 minutes

Presented by Summerhall and Lara Kramer Dance.


13-18 Aug (4pm), 50mins, £10 (£8 concession, £28 family ticket)

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£10 (£8 concession, £28 family ticket)